Zion Brook School offers a robust and wholesome curriculum that caters for very child’s academic needs.

At preschool our learners use Accelerated Christian Education PACEs which lay a firm foundation for children to know God and be adequately prepared to join primary education. With PACE work, learning is individualized thus giving every child an opportunity to thrive as a person.
We also incorporate Montessori which makes learning fun and practical.

Upon graduating to primary school, our learners enroll for junior school where they meet a team of dedicated teachers who guide the learner to be the best they can ever be using the Cambridge International Primary Education as well as PACE work.
This allows the learning process to have more than one put, the learners are able to learn , reflect, implement and apply what they learn to their day to day activities.

At middle school ( Grade 4,5,6 and 7) our learners are thoroughly prepared for Common Entrance exam which qualifies them to join lower secondary.

At lower secondary our learners are guided to consider subjects that align with their career orientation.

Our learners at lower secondary will then graduate to senior secondary, where they are prepared for O Level IGCSE exam as a graduating platform.

This qualifies our learners to apply to local and International universities of choice for higher learning.

We endeavour to produce an excellent person who is ready to face the challenges of the world and impact the world positively to God’s Glory.