Our Team

Here is the team taking care of the learners

Doris Muriithi


A high school teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and experience…

Doris is a high school teacher with a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She has taught in various schools across the country and prepared candidates for their final exams. She has severaly volunteered in community services such as guidance and counselling and also couples up as a motivational speaker especially to the learners of the high school age bracket.
Doris is married to Alex Muriithi and are blessed with two children, Zoe and Asher. They live in Nairobi, Kenya

Peter Wambaa


God fearing, hardworking, and a very motivated Teacher aiming to…

Peter is God fearing, handworking, and a very motivated Teacher aiming to make this world better than he found it. He always strives to achieve the highest education standards possible, at any given task and in any situation.
He has taught in various schools and over time has mentored many young people both academically and socially.

Mr. Peter always goes the extra mile and is very hands on teaching the Sciences and humanities.

He is a resourceful Maths teacher who has been sought after by many even trying to challenge students to enjoy the subject.

Elizabeth Chege


A vibrant and dynamic teacher called to serve children as an educationist.

Elizabeth is a vibrant, dynamic and God fearing teacher, called to serve young people and children as an educationist.

She believes every learner is well endowed with gifts, talents and abilities that if well harnessed will cause that child to shine like bright stars in a lost and perverse generation (Philippians 2:15)

She seeks to draw out these gifts, talents and abilities from every individual child under her care and cause them to shine, cause them to be the head and not the tail, above only never beneath. Enable them to rule and have dominion over God’s creation.

Miriam Aswan


Improving students achievement through rigorous assessment, curriculum development and instructions. 

Miriam Aswani is a caring, enthusiastic teacher with a strong commitment to students development and learning experience.
She displays personal warmth, patience, tolerance, empathy, understanding and positivity.
During her experience as a teacher. She has learnt not only to develop students academic skills but character as well.

Beatrice wanjiru

Pre-School Teacher

A pre-school Teacher with 5 years of experience, teaching 3-6 year olds

Beatrice is a pre-school Teacher with 5 years of experience, teaching 3-6 years old.
Teaching children has been a consistent joy for her, and giving back to the community has always been one of her primary goals. She believes that a teacher must be devoted to the children in his/her care, patient and willing to listen carefully to what the children say. It is also essential that a teacher be responsive to those children who are needing attention, and speak in a positive, caring tone when addressing a child. She finds great joy in nurturing the growth and development of young children.

Her quote.
“It takes a big heart to help shape little mind”.

David Kabithi

Music Instructor

Passionate about music, his desire has always been to play and teach music.

David is a young man, who has always been passionate about music. Ever since he was young his desire was always to play and teach music.

At a young age, he would always admire different musicians who would inspire him to become better. He begun to play drums and guitar at a young age and soon started playing in church . He is currently doing ABRSM theory and his own music classes online.

He has always wanted to share his knowledge with people who have been interested in music and Zion Brook School is a great avenue for him to both impact and inspire young people in learning music theory and different instruments such as piano ,drums and guitar.

Brian Taaka


A techie with a Bachelors in Commerce. He has a background in teaching…

Brian is tech savvy young man who has a Bachelors in Commerce. He has a background in teaching English and Biology in several High schools in Nakuru Country.

Brian is the go to person for anything packages. He has a vast understanding of the application software ranging from Word Processing, Graphics Design, Photo editing, audio editing, videography, Database management, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Networking.

He has a computer class with the students that allows them to use softwares to complete a project within their area of interest. The class is versatile, fun and very hands on.